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Pack 215 Pinewood Derby

2021 Pinewood Derby – Video Replay, Race Results, Awards
2020 Pinewood Derby – Race Results
2019 Pinewood Derby – Race Results

Awesome and Spectacular Trophies will be awarded for:
1st-3rd Place finishers of the Official Pinewood Derby Race
1st-3rd Place finishers of Best Design Awards of the Official Pinewood Derby Race 1st-3rd Place finishers of the Parent/Sibling Pinewood Derby Race on Friday night.

Important Dates:
November/December – Car distribution – TBD based on restrictions
January 3rd – Pinewood Builder’s Clinic @ 9am-12
January 21st – Pinewood Car weigh-in @ 6pm – 8pm
January 23rd – Official 2020 Cub Scout Pinewood Derby @ 9am.

Rules of the Road for Cub Scouts official race:

  • This is all about challenging the scouts to be creative, learn how to use tools, and most of all have fun! Parents are encouraged to participate but the idea is to have the scouts involved and learning.
  • We generally follow the rules of the Blackhawk 500 and you will each receive a copy with your car. There are some discrepancies (i.e. Race format (our boys all race together not by Den’s, etc.). We encourage the boys to embrace good sportsmanship and to have fun. If you have any questions about specific rules please feel free to ask me either by email or in person.
  • Each scout will receive a car with a number on it. Please cover the number with tape before painting so that the number is visible for inspection. This number must be on the car at inspection and serves two purposes; to discourage cheating and to allow us to organize the cars for race day.
  • The one area of the Blackhawk 500 rules that we adhere to Strictly is Section 2: Cub Scout Car Design Standards. Please refer to the Blackhawk 500 rules for details but here is the general info:
  • ALL work (including improvements to wheels, axles, and car body) must be done by the scout and the parent/guardian in the current scouting year. You cannot submit cars from past years or cars purchased already built or from the internet.
    • All cars entered shall be constructed from the “Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit” handed out to the scout. The use of pre-shaped car bodies, machined wheels or axles acquired from the Internet or other sources is NOT allowed. Revell, Pinecar, and/ or other aftermarket parts that are not of the exact type included in the original kit are NOT allowed unless they are for cosmetics purposes (stickers, lego men, paint, etc.) and do not affect the main functions of the car.
    • Each car must pass a technical inspection before it may compete. Technical inspection and impound of cars will occur on January 22nd between 3:30-6pm.
    • Wheels and Axles: The car shall roll on the wheels from the kit. The four wheels shall turn about the axle nails from the kit. The four axle nails shall be firmly affixed to the wood of the car body. The Cub may cut new axle slots (or drill new axle holes) in the original block from the kit. The original axle-to-axle spacing of 4.40″ (±0.125″ (1/8))
      must, however, be maintained. At least three wheels must be in contact with the track surface at all times as the car rolls.
    • Wheel treatment: This is lengthy and technical. Please refer to the Rule book, Section 2.6 if you plan on doing anything to your wheels.
      Adult/Sibling Race Rules
  • In general, we follow the rules of the Blackhawk 500 with one variance this year in the Section 2 building of the cars area:
    • Parent/Sibling cars are allowed to weigh up to 8 ounce
  • Each car kit costs $5
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