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Pack 215 Popcorn Fundraiser

Why does the Pack sell popcorn?

The Pack sells popcorn to raise money to help pay for the Pack expenses, such as:

  • Badges, Patches, Belt Loops
  • Outings
  • Events (Pumpkin Carving, Pinewood Derby, Palmer Movie Night, Blue & Gold Dinner)
  • Entertainment (Mad Science, Magicians, Reptiles, Kung Fu, Bubbles!)
  • Supplies -The Pack tries to cover as much of these expenses as possible, to avoid asking parents to contribute.  
  • Donations to help organizations within our community (Blue Star Moms, Contra Costa County Food Bank, Operation Smile).
  • Our local Mount Diablo Silverado Council also gets a percentage of the sales to maintain campgrounds, put on training classes, keep up the council service center, and to help defray other expenses.

How much money does our Pack get from the sales?

For each $1 of popcorn that our scouts sell, our Pack gets to keep 38 cents.  Overall, 70% of the proceeds from popcorn sales go back into the scouting program.

How can I sell popcorn?

There are four ways to sell popcorn.

  1. Mobile App:  Your Scout can use the new Trails End app to collect order orders, accept credit card payments and track progress. Each Scout selling popcorn will need their own account at
  2. Show and Sell:  Scouts will have an opportunity to spend time in front of a local grocery store (Safeway) selling to shoppers as they finish their grocery shopping.   This is a great opportunity for the kids to practice their communication skills and it is actually a lot of fun.  There will be eight “Show and Sells” this year and you can sign up through the Mobile App for available shifts.
  3. Door to Door: Your scout can do it the old-fashioned way of walking around your neighborhood or visiting family and can sell popcorn directly through your app. Customers can pay right at the time of the order or we can collect the payment at the time of delivery.
  4. Selling Online – with delivery to customers: Your friends, family, and co-workers can order online, pay by credit card, and have the popcorn shipped directly to them. Scouts create their own account at and will receive credit for their online sales.  See the popcorn order form for further instructions.

How does Ordering & Mobile App work?

Starting NOW, all our scouts are encouraged to begin selling popcorn to neighbors, friends, family and anyone else they may think of.  Checks should be made out to “Pack 215” and collecting money up front is preferred, but not required. Scouts may also accept Credit Cards with the app. Cards can be manually entered or any square reader may be used. 

Show & Sell Signups

Signups can be done with the Trails-End Mobile app ( We have set up eight Show and Sells at the two best Safeway’s in our region! This year we are going to do two-2 hour shifts per day to keep the kids attention span and enthusiasm at its max. Every scout can sign up for as many shifts as they want but we must limit each shift to 4 scouts. We will need some help from other leaders with a couple of the shifts please. I will also need a couple of parent volunteers during each show and sell (one at each table (2 total) to help keep track of inventory/motivation and another to help with the inevitable potty break, etc.)

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